Tenant Information

Ending the Tenancy

The Tenancy Agreement is a legal and binding document and can be terminated: a. By giving a minimum of 14 days written notice within the last 14 days of the fixed term Agreement b. By giving a minimum of 21 days written notice after the fixed term of the agreement has expired.   The notice period commences from the date that the written notice is received by our office. We highly recommend that you contact Express Realty to confirm that your notice has been received should confirmation not be received by the next business day.   Keys should be returned on the vacate date and all belongings removed, otherwise rent will be continued to be charged until the keys are returned and vacant possession is given.   Once you have made your final rent payment, remember to cancel your registration with DEFT if you have set-up automatic payments. If you do not do this, automatic rent payments will keep being debited from your account.• DEFT Payment Systems - Ph. 1300...

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Breaking the Tenancy Early

If an unforeseen circumstance arises and you are to break your lease by vacating before the fixed term of your Tenancy Agreement expires you are to notify your property manager in writing immediately to provide as much notice as possible.   A break fee would be payable should you move out before the end of the fixed term. The break fee is: 6 weeks rent if you vacate in the first half of the fixed term 4 weeks rent if you vacate in the second half of the fixed term Rent is payable until keys are returned and possession of the premises handed back to the Landlord.

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Vacating and the Final Inspection

Final Bond inspections can not be carried out until ALL belongings have been removed and ALL keys (incl. security cards & remote controls) returned.  Rent will continue to be charged until all keys are returned and vacant possession is given.   The full rent amount should be paid prior to vacating the unit. If you are not sure of your final rent amount, please contact our office. Under no circumstance is the bond to be used as rent. This also ensures your entitlement to receive a reference letter for your future use.   A Final Inspection Guide will be provided to assist you in ensuring that your bond is refunded in full with a minimum delay. It clearly defines areas which have been the cause of delays in bond refunds in the past.   Please be aware that our office does not carry out Bond inspections on Saturdays or after hours. If you would like to be present at the time of the final inspection please contact your property manager at least 2 business days p...

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